We specialize in helping companies and individuals in the building industry learn Bluebeam Revu quickly. If you are hoping to learn Bluebeam Revu, need help with workflows, or need to implement best practices, then we can definitely help you. We are awesome at Bluebeam Revu Training and our accomplishments include:

  • Professional Bluebeam Revu user since 2006
  • 7 years as a Bluebeam employee
  • Bluebeam Revu Certified Instructor (BCI) for 5 years
  • Two-time presenter at Bluebeam Extreme Conference
  • Developed Bluebeam Revu Online Courses
  • Trained over 1,000 Bluebeam Revu users

Our lead trainer, Joel, discovered Bluebeam Revu while working as a Script Supervisor for low budget horror movies in Hollywood. He loved the product so much that he went to work for the company. Now, 13 years later, he is a Bluebeam Revu product expert that can help your company make the most of its investment by bringing your company’s users up to speed.

When you want to learn Bluebeam quickly, most of what you need is help, instruction, and encouragement from someone who has “been there and done that!” with Bluebeam Revu. We have seen every Bluebeam Revu scenario from the largest general contractors to the smallest mom and pop subcontractors. Whatever your needs, we can help you and your team learn Bluebeam Revu and also help you with managing workflows so that you can do your jobs faster and more efficiently

Our Team

Joel Marquez, Training

I am a Bluebeam Certified Trainer who has over twelve years of technical experience working with Bluebeam Revu. I started using Bluebeam Revu when I worked as a script supervisor for the film industry. I began working for Bluebeam in 2007 and in 2013 transitioned to working as a training consultant, partnering with a top reseller.  I have worked with many groups, from large corporations to small subcontractors, helping them with their Bluebeam Revu training and implementation.  Specializing in the building trades, I have expertise in working with electrical contractors, trade unions, government agencies, and many other construction contractors. After designing on-demand training courses for several clients, I have recently taken my expertise to provide web-based training as a way to reach more people, further expanding my personalized training services.

Deanna Heikkinen, Operations

I am responsible for all back end operations, including web and course design layout, billing, and scheduling. I have been a Bluebeam Revu user for over eight years, but rather than using it in the building industry, I used it as an educator. For years, I spent hours and hours grading college level term papers and essays. I found that I often re-wrote the same comments on the papers. Then, I discovered Bluebeam Revu’s Tool Chest where I could save the most common remarks as well as a rubric template. By having students turn in electronically delivered PDF papers, I was able to grade more quickly and  efficiently. It also saved me from carrying around hard copies and getting that end-of-semester cold from touching all of the papers.