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Bluebeam Revu
Quick Start

This course will get you started with Bluebeam Revu
$ 14
for 12 month access
  • Get up and running in an hour
  • See how the program is set up
  • Learn the basics
Intro Course
◄Bluebeam Revu Quick Start
Bluebeam Revu Foundations►

Bluebeam Revu

This course will help you get the most out of Bluebeam Revu
$ 97
for 12 month access
  • Quick Start is included
  • Learn a broad range of topics
  • Look deeper into the program

Topics Included in Quick Start

  • Navigating through the Bluebeam Revu interface
  • Opening and organizing documents
  • Adding Markups
  • Using the Tool Chest to quickly make new comments without having to recreate them
    from scratch
  • Organizing your markups with the Markup List
  • Generating reports with the Markup List
  • Quiz to test your knowledge
  • Certificate of completion

Topics Included in Foundations

  • How templates work and how to create your own
  • Bluebeam Revu’s hidden toolbars and how to make new ones
  • Using Profiles to customize how Revu is organized
  • Hyperlinks to make documents quicker and easier to navigate through
  • Editing text in a PDF
  • Using Snapshot to copy a piece of the PDF page to paste onto another page or even an email window
  • Adding images, like photos or handwritten signatures
  • Customizing lines with unique patterns so they can be recognized easily as pipe, ducting,
    wire, etc
  • Drawing curved lines
  • Hatch patterns
  • Making custom stamps with the current date
    and time
  • Real world custom tool sets
  • Assigning a status to a comment markup
  • Creating custom statuses and custom columns
  • Hands on exercises to apply what you’ve learned
  • Quiz to test your knowledge
  • Certificate of completion